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10 Tips For Coloring Hair At Home

If you want to specialize in rough toug funky style or casual look then have hair color. Not only will the hair look beautiful but your entire look will change.It is not enough to have hair color but it is important to take care of them before and after color, so that the color can last longer. Nowadays, different types of hair colors are being liked in the youth. Keep in mind your skin color before you make your choice. For example, if the skin is dark then it will not be able to paint golden color. Nowadays there are many options of Brown, Golden and Light Red Colors in the market. Learn how to choose the right color for yourself.

Don’t dye freshly washed hair

Another good tip on how to dye your hair at home is to avoid coloring freshly washed hair. Hair dye works best on hair that was washed a couple of days ago. If you wash your, hair just before you color it, then the dye can cause scalp irritation, because there will be none of your natural oils there to protect it.

Keep the skin tone care

Before choosing hair color, it is important to have all the information related to it. Nobody can deny that people usually get colorful pictures of others, even if they suit them or not. Therefore, it is important to choose hair color keeping in mind the color of your skin. For this, look at your skin tone and choose the color accordingly. You can also get help from Hair Expert for this.

Match your skin tone

This is the big trick you need to know to avoid that dreaded hair color wash-out after your final rinse: Your skin tone has the last word. If your skin seems sallow or dull, pick a shade that has warm tones. Cool tones work well on fair skin with pink undertones but can also look terrific on people with dark complexions. Lighter and warmer face-framing color can give the skin a youthful radiance.

For Olive Skin Tone

It is like a skin brown or tanish, which looks a bit darker. Choosing dark colors with this skin tone will be prudent, because the choice of shades of color will make hair look as artificial. It would be better to choose hair color according to your skin tone.

For Pink Under Tone

Pink or red color should not be used on pink or light golden color. Burgundy, brown, black and plum color will be very popular on such a color. Try them out and try them.

For Pell Undertone

This color is white but there is little yellowness in it. With this tone you can choose any color because every color suit with this type of skin tone.

 For the Dark Skin Tone

If the skin tone is dark then you do not choose bright color nor choose the colors that are too warm. Highlighting such color on beige color or using brown, black and burgundy will help to give good effect.

 Select Colors

Before choosing hair color, choose a color in the brain. If you are looking for a different color, choose colors according to your skin tone and prefer the same color. You can take help of your family or friends in choosing colors.

If you have a green, red, orange, red or yellow color suit, then you can use warm colors like Golden Brown, Strawberry Blonde and Golden Blonde.

If you like gray or violet color in color, then you can also use Mahogany, Chocolate Brown and Sand Blonde Colors.